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Night Runner (2009)

by Max Turner(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 4
0312592280 (ISBN13: 9780312592288)
St. Martin's Griffin
Night Runner
review 1: I really enjoyed Night Runner, a teen vampire story geared towards guys as well as gals. As I was reading it I felt like the author read Twilight and then set out to write a vampire story that guys could enjoy. So there's less romance, more action and definitely no sparkling. My favorite character was Mr. Entwistle, a 600+ year old vampire who is introduced in the story right from chapter 1. The main character, Zack, says about Mr. Entwistle: "He was a little weird. But then again, so were the rest of us." Cleanliness: A very few swear words / references to drinking and drugs / a party with underage drinking, but Zack and the girl he likes do not partake / reference to "going to bases" with a gal / a couple (not the main couple) lying on top of each other kissing / ... moreviolence / blood drinking.
review 2: I would give it 3.5 stars if I could BUT I can't sooooooo the book was good and I did enjoy it enough that I do want to read the next one, BUT (again with the but) it was pretty predictable. If you hadn't seen the cover and just read the book synopsis, you can wonder for a LITTLE BIT what's actually wrong with Zach, but the whole deal with his uncle and being chased by the police was COMPLETELY predictable. Seriously the only part that was surprising was who Ophelia was (not what of course). Truthfully I skimmed a couple of chapters BUT overall it was good and I do wanna read the next one. less
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Interesting twist on the vampire theme. Curiously satisfying though.
Read this for Red Maple in Grade 8 and absolutely loved it!!
I found it to be a very intriguing book
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