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No Bears (2011)

by Meg McKinlay(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
192152992X (ISBN13: 9781921529924)
Walker Books
review 1: In the beginning of this story the narrator comes out saying that their will be no bears in this book. She states that every story has bears and she does not want any in this book. She insists that their will only be princesses, fairies, trolls and even monsters but no bears! The story then starts off with a princess just strolling along. In each scene you can see the bear outside of the actual scene but the narrator still insists their are no bears. Suddenly she gets captured by a monster who is going to eat her but guess who saves her? A bear! When she is saved their is a huge party thrown for her escaping the monster with her magical powers. In the end the narrator still insists that their were no bears and everyone lived happily ever after.This was one of my favorite c... morehildren books that I have ever read. I really enjoyed the humor that the author used. I thought it was not only funny for kids but also funny for adults. I thought that the plot of the story was very clever and I liked the way the author crafted the text. The text was smooth and easy to follow along with, not choppy at all. Each scene flowed together which I liked.Another thing I enjoyed about this book was the way the author drew the illustrations. Around each scene the illustrator drew a box like he was boxing the bear out. So the bear wasn't technically in the scene but it was still present for the readers to see. The author and illustrator had to of communicated because the illustrator wouldn't of known to draw the bear like that in each scene if they didn't. I also liked how the illustrator sometimes only put a limb of the bear into the scene, like when the bear saved the princess. It left room for some curiosity.
review 2: I love a good cheeky picture book. This one is particularly good for storytime because the bear is on every page, even though the text says there are no bears in the book, so kids have a lot of fun pointing out that the girl is wrong and there's the bear right there. It's especially cute that everything good that happens in the book is because of the bear, not because of the girl.A lot of the story happens in the illustrations, which is my favourite, because why bother being a picture book if the pictures don't add anything. It does mean a lot of ad libbing so you have to engage with the li'l ones a lot if you're reading this one at a storytime (particularly if it's a busy one with kids at the back who might not be able to make out the details of the pastel-coloured illustrations). less
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What a cute book! The details in the pictures really make the book.
Read this to my preps while CRTing. They loved it.
Just plain adorable and funny. Love.
I just didn't get it.
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