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Double Or Nothing (2013)

by Meg Mims(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 1
1491081910 (ISBN13: 9781491081914)
Blue Oyster Press
Double series
review 1: Lily Rose Granville likes to sketch. When she tries to involve herself in her uncle’s mining business, she quickly learns not to interfere. After discovering that he intends to marry her to someone of his choice, Lily decides it is time to put a stop to his plans.Years ago, Ace Diamond has taken money from Lily’s uncle and walked away, leaving the woman he loves behind. He has to find a way to defeat the malicious uncle who plans to destroy any happiness for Lily.Lily remembers the three thousand dollars her uncle has given Ace. He takes it, leaves and she has not heard from him since. Years after, she wonders what has become of him. Does he still care about her? Ace has other things in mind. He wants to win Lily’s heart. When he returns to claim the woman he loves, ... morethey quickly learn her uncle will do anything to ruin her happiness, not to mention the recaptured love, if the two can’t stop him.Double or Nothing is like a roller coaster experience. It carries the reader like a steady ride into the story, then bingo, it is off, fast and quick with twists and turns around every corner. The writing is tight, dialogue wonderfully constructed and well-developed characters who keep the audience engaged. Ms. Mims is an elegant storyteller. She incorporates a landscape the audience can visualize and crafts dialogue that can practically be seen on the player’s faces and conversations that grips the heart. This is a great tale of love and suspense.Cherokee Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
review 2: The title of this book makes me think of gambling, and I guess there are a few times it happens, but there is also Ace Diamond, and with that name it also brings up card games, etc.The story takes place in 1869 California, and the author paints wonderful mind pictures of the area. Hilly San Francisco, and the poor horses going up those steep hills. We catch up with Lily Granville, a young woman with a lot of tragedy and heartache in her past. She is now living under her Uncles thumb, but she also has a rebellious streak. Her Uncle is really unhappy with some of her choices.Now this is the second book in this series, but you can read them separately, but don't miss the first one. This one is full of action from beginning to end. Lily has such a tender heart, and want to help with injustices.On her wedding night, in their room, the police barge in...um, think I might have had a heart attack. Be ready for a few murders, wheeler dealers, and when you have the answers, beware! You probably don't!I received this book through First Wild Card Publicity Tours, and was not required to give a positive review. less
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I really enjoyed this book! Hope there are more in the Double series!
4/5, full review to follow
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