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Vanity Fare: A Novel Of Lattes, Literature, And Love (2012)

by Megan Caldwell(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 2
0062188364 (ISBN13: 9780062188366)
William Morrow Paperbacks
review 1: This book exceeded all of my expectations. Makes me wonder, really, how authors like Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner get all the chick-lit accolades (not to say they don't deserve it, but there are other authors who are doing great things in this genre!!). Megan Caldwell/Frampton's voice is strong, witty, and self-deprecating in all the right ways. Ms. Frampton has a particular knack for describing facial expressions and body language in a way I rarely encounter with this genre. All of the conversations made me feel the tension, and most importantly made me feel like I was really there. The plot was fun, believable and just the right amount of unpredictable. Lastly, Frampton's prose is SMART, something we always need more of.
review 2: This is appalling - can
... moreI sign up for Editor? Where to start in the list of what is wrong with this book? It's emotionless; calling a cat Dante and mentioning that one carries Thomas Hardy for impressing people does not make it worthy of saying it's a book about literature; a 6 year old should not be having night-night books; kinda is not a word; couple books/couple streets/couple nightclubs is not correct - half the times she means 'few' anyway; "I love you" "Me too" does not mean I love you too; pointless detail of what someone is wearing or recounting of the drivel of a dull conversation does not replace the need for a connection with characters. I'm sure it ended with Molly and Nick together but I don't care enough to read and find out, I only dipped into chunks to see what vile sentence structure the author had been allowed to get a way with. less
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Good, easy read. Nothing deep, nothing dramatic. Standard love-story chick-lit.
This was a good summer time, do not think to much read.. beach book
Cliche, yes. Predictable, of course. Nice escape, you bet!
Not a bad read. I must admit the cover drew me in.
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