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Scarlet Night (2013)

by Megan J. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
Tiger Dynasty Publishing
Behind The Vail
review 1: I was a little apprehensive about this book because my first thought was "hmmmm yet another vampire story". Within the first chapter though I was hooked! This definitely isn't just "another vampire story" and the lore involved was different from any other I'd ever seen. The characters just draw you in from the start and you can't help but love them for all their strengths and flaws. The descriptions were vivid and detailed, making it easy to picture every detail, and the story was..well, Wow! Twist after turn after twist. Very little was predictable, and it definitely held my attention the entire time. I am awaiting the next one with bated breath! Ms. Parker has definitely become one of my favorite authors. 5 stars!
review 2: I was given this book
... morein return for an honest review. Serena is the spoiled brat daughter of Gregori, the leader of his clan. Zane is the vampire sent by the now deceased Gregori to find Serena. He wishes her to lead the clan, or The Counsel will apoint his son, Kieth, as clan leader. Zane has a little rage problem that tends to put him a bit off track throughout the book. He was tattood with a curse, a curse that plays off of his inability to control his temper. When he gets angry, he turns into a blood thirsty monster that will kill anything, can't distinguish friend from enemy at that point, it takes a toll on his body too, as he is not shifter and the beast he turns into is massive. Zane finds Serena and convinces her to return to the clan headquarters with him. Her dead, ghost boyfriend who is attached to her aura, Devon, takes over Zanes body for a short time so he can be with Serena. Zoey, an auric vampire, is bubbly and sweet. She greets them and goes off for a walk meeting a Therion, who almost kills her. Turns out Keith has a plan of his own, to take over and destroy the clan and is controlling the Therion so they will help him. Zane and Serena are developing feelings for each other, this brings out the jealous side of ghost Devon. Zane, Zoey, and Serena must come up with a plan to keep themselves and the rest of the clan safe from not only Keith, but the counsel that he has been lying too. With the help of the Therions previously under Keiths control, a witch from the tribe that cursed Zane, and Maledictus they must battle Keith and try to convince the counsel not to wipe them off the face of the earth. This book was awesome, full of action,some romance, some gut busting humor, and a twisted ending that I never saw coming. This book will lead into a tie in with Nathan Squiers, Crimson Shadows series with Xander Stryker. I cannot wait for the next installment. WaAr less
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Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read
I actually enjoyed this book. Overall good reed
That was such a train wreck.
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