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Engaged At The Chatsfield (2014)

by Melanie Milburne(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
037320261X (ISBN13: 9780373202614)
Harlequin Books
review 1: Juliet is attending a hen weekend with her girlfriends whom she went to school with at the Chatfield hotel. She feel inferior compared to them with their skinny bodies and dressing sense. Hence, when she was asked about her relationship, she told a lie. She said she was engaged to his brother’s best friend, Marcus knowing that he is nowhere near the hotel and is unlikely to find out. However, things changed when Marcus arrived at the hotel for a job interview with the hotel management. It is a short prequel story of the series that I find it too short to my liking. It have a pretty good plot but too short for it to developed into something more. Overall, it is a delightful reads for me albeit it is too short a story.
review 2: Juliet has been in love with her
... more brother's best friend Marcus for as long as she can remember. So while at a friend's hen party she lets it slip that Marcus is her fiance. She never expects him to show up at the hotel. He isn't exactly thrilled to be playing a part to her impulsiveness, but agrees to play along. I was given a paper copy of this book. So until the book arrived in my hands, I was unaware of how tiny the book would be. It is 74 pages long. So while the premise of the story is fun, it just felt way too rushed. The male character goes from barely knowing the female character existed to wanting marriage in just a couple of days. Because the story is so short, the characters lacked developement and none of the sub characters or stories were completed. It left me feeling frustrated that it ended so abruptly, instead of wanting to read more. And just a tiny pet peeve. The woman on the cover isn't even remotely close to the description in the book.I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review. less
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loved it. wish it was longer. The ending seemed too abrupt.
As with any well written short story, I wanted more.
This would have been awesome as a full novel...
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