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The Goddaughter (2012)

by Melodie Campbell(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
1459801253 (ISBN13: 9781459801257)
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review 1: "The Goddaughter" by Melodie Campbell is a fast-paced, hilarious journey into the mob world. Gina Gallo was born into "the family" and, although she tries her best to distance herself from it, it looks like she's stuck for life. When she's reluctantly recruited to carry some hot gems across the US/Canadian border, she has quite an adventure and finds love in the process. A wonderful read! I highly recommend it.
review 2: When Gina Gallo reluctantly moves back to her hometown where all her relatives live she did so under one condition: she would not work for the “family business” where her uncle is the mob’s Godfather. It’s not easy being his Goddaughter, but Gina focuses on running her legit jewelry store until her cousin is shot by rival mobsters. Thi
... mores forces Gina to carry some stolen gems to Buffalo. Since Gina was already on a date, she drags him along on this road trip which turns into a dangerous adventure when the gems get stolen from Gina. Now the two of them are forced to try to steal the gems back before the Godfather takes some deadly decisive action. This typical Rapid Reads novel will hold students’ interest with its fast-paced adventure and humor that does not have too much character depth to slow them down. This book’s reading level is 2.8. less
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This book was laugh out loud funny. My Goddaughter could be a series.
Slapstick funny and like a tiny piece of candy!
A light-weight, enjoyable read
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