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A Purse To Die For (2012)

by Melodie Campbell(Favorite Author)
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Imajin Books
review 1: Started out really good. Intelligent characters, the plot seemed like it was heading in the right direction and I thought I was going to be hooked. In the end, it turned into a train wreck. it was obvious there were two writers because there were too many thoughts going on.I'm kinda disappointed because I expected more of a fashion based mystery. There was really only a minor fashion connection, and even that seemed forced.
review 2: I expected A PURSE TO DIE FOR by Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St-Pierre to be a very, very light cozy; based on the title, the cover and the fact the protagonist is described as ‘fashionista and television celeb Gina Monroe’. But it was a fast paced, page turner that wasn’t all that cozy, set in Canada. Gina goes home for h
... moreer grandmother’s funeral and the reading of the will. All the relatives are gathered together under one roof. That’s never good. There are suspicions that Grandma may have been helped along to her death and two other deaths soon follow. There’s a romance, a relative who is not a relative, a lot more money than anticipated, an unusual will and plenty of motives. You’ll be certain you know the killer. Twice. But you’ll be wrong, which always makes for a good mystery. I will certainly look forward to more by this writing duo. less
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Not an excellent book, but I did not figure out "who done it" until the end of the book
I received a free copy of this eBook from Imajin Books.
had a hard time keeping the characters straight.
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