The end of Seth’s first year – 2017

Dear Boys:

It’s the end of 2017. Squish you are almost 11 months old. Shane you are days away from being 2.5!

Shane, you talk and talk and talk! We love how your pitch gets really high when you have a question, or are talking to yourself! Some of our favourite things that you say are: “I just farting”, “I put it way up high – baby can’t reach it!” “Daddy get it”, “up-down, up-down” “I get juice and come back” “right now” “same time, same time” “in in in nin it” (still adding them as I think of them). I am just in awe of the sentences you put together and it is so fun seeing the way you think! You boys are Gods greatest blessing to me! I am so privileged to be your mom!

You are soo crazy active still! We just got a YMCA membership and you want to swim every day! You swim for at least an hour and have no fears! You jump in and go under the water, you put your face in the water and blow bubbles! You swim across the whole pool by yourself (with your life jacket on)! We just signed you up for swim lessons, and a game class! You recently started loving YOGA! We found a kid version on Amazon Prime!

Your eyes still light up and sparkle like diamonds when you smile! I love watching something unexpected make you smile! I love watching you love your baby brother! You ask for him every time you wake up, you kiss him and hug him unexpectedly! You always make sure we don’t leave him behind! (That might be my favourite). You love putting things up high so he can’t reach it so he’s safe! You are just an amazing big brother! Seth is so blessed!

You are getting the hang of eating, you love fruit snacks and lunchables, and peanut butter!

You are mostly potty trained and have been now for a while – way ahead of most boys your age! I’m so proud! You really initiated it by yourself!

Seth, you starting officially walking 2 days after Christmas! You’ve been taking steps for a month or so already but took off on your own Wednesday afternoon! It’s incredible to watch you stand on your own to chase a ball, your brother or of course me! Yesterday you stood up, squatted down and picked up a pkg of your brothers pull-ups and stood back up and walked with them! You’re so strong!

You can say Mama, mom, up, and ball!you can say “More” with sign language!

You also love swimming! You love eating! You will eat everything offered to you (except a bottle) and scavenge and attack to get things not offered! You love your mama so much!!!!! You’re really starting to want daddy too!

10.5 months old was a great age for your first Christmas!!! You were totally getting the hang of opening presents and were able to play with toys too!

Your smile can make a strangers heart melt! It’s all about your squishy cheeks! 2017 has been your best year ever! (Also your only year ever) I’ve already started planning your birthday party!!!! I am excited!!

2017 began with getting a new wonderful amazing Toyota Minivan, and ended with daddy’s car dead on the side of the road so we’ll see how next year begins… either way it’ll be an expense we can’t afford! Boo!

I wonder if 2018 will bring with it the creation of one more Everett Baby? (Hopefully a sister)!

I love you boys more than you can imagine! Bring on 2018!

Your mama!

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