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The Loyal Heart (2011)

by Merry Farmer(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
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The Noble Hearts
review 1: really liked this book, the story was great! I did feel more like the characters were teenager-ish then adults. but I loved Crispin (H) Aubrey (h) not so much. Through the first half of the book i did not like her, she was hot headed, flipped out about stuff that half the time I didn't understand. I understand she loved Ethan, but it was plan as day that he didn't love her (at least not like she wanted) and the funny part was she told herself that he didn't lover her, and wasn't there for her like he should be, but yet kept trying to change him (it got really irritating) Then their was Crispin, who even when trying not to show her how much he cared, you could tell, she knew how he felt, and yet still at times tried to use that against him (which really pissed me off) I und... moreerstand she wanted to be independent and take care of herself but she was actually really mean to Crispin for wanting to take care of her and for wanting to love her. And the whole being the bandit thing, it never really explained what that was about, like did she do it to test him, or hurt him, or did she do it cause they needed the money????? But the last half of the book she seemed to redeem herself, somewhat (in my eyes). The sex was great! All in all a very good book! I liked that it was sort of a mystery without being a mystery (I don't like not knowing things :), it drives me nuts and i usually skip through the book to figure stuff out) but this one you knew who the bad guy was, just not what he was fully going to do.
review 2: This historical romance has lots of fun and adventure. Although this is set in 1100's our heroine is a real kick ass type. The men around her certainly need it. Ethan her young love has returned from the crusades to find his land has been conviscated by the sherrif. Crispen has been awarded the lands and title . The sherrif is an evil man who thinks only of his own pleasures. Ethan is determind to get his land back at all costs. Aubrey is left trying to rescue two nuns .All great fun I loved it. less
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Loved it very much and look forward to finding the next story.
Good book. Just got the sequel. Can't wait.
Great Series
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