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Librarian On The Roof! A True Story (2010)

by M.G. King(Favorite Author)
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0807545120 (ISBN13: 9780807545126)
Albert Whitman & Company
review 1: A spunky true story about RoseAleta Laurell (a librarian), this story truly tells the lengths some people will go for the library. RoseAleta Laurell begins working at the Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart, Texas, when she realizes that the children's section of the library is incredibly lacking in supply. She needs to raise $40,000 for all the planned renovations. So, she vows to stay on the library roof until the money is raised. She eventually raises all of it, braving the harsh weather along the way.This book is great for K-2nd graders. With is uplifting story and direction towards developing a children's section of the library, this book certainly appeals to children.As a future librarian, RoseAleta Laurell's story really inspires me. Not only could this be used for... more kids to become passionate about something, it also can be a sign to every librarian to fight to make their libraries perfect.
review 2: RoseAleta Laurell is the new librarian at Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart, Texas. When she arrives, she finds that the library is very run down and not appealing to the children of the town. The children’s section needed comfy chairs, more books, colorful artwork, and computers for the children and their families to use. RoseAleta started to write letters to big businesses asking for donations, but nobody sent anything. So RoseAleta came up with a new plan. To bring more attention to the library, RoseAleta packed the basic living essentials, a tent, her cell phone, her laptop, and took a ride to the very top of the library’s roof. She declared that she was going to stay on the roof of the library until they have raised $20,000 for the library’s children section. After spending days on the roof and surviving through a terrible storm, the town finally raised enough money for the children’s section! Based on a true story, RoseAleta brought new life and inspiration to the children of Lockhart, Texas, and now there will be new books for children to read and learn from. I think this story would be most appropriate for children ages 5 and above. Younger kids would be excited to hear about what happened to the lady on the roof, while the older kids could take it as an inspirational story to not give up for what you believe to be right, and that hard work and dedication can really pay off. The illustrations are very appealing and the words are sometimes put in swirls to give variety to the readers, and are in a fairly large print. There are also some that are quite humorous and look like they could have come from a graphic novel, which are very popular for children these days. I could definitely use this story in a library setting to get kids excited about going to the library, public or at school, and to use as an inspirational tool to teach the lesson about dedication and hard work. King, M. G., & Gilpin, S. (2010). Librarian on the roof!: a true story. Chicago, Ill.: Albert Whitman. less
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What an inspiring story. Good for the kids to read this kind of inspiring books.
A great story about heroic fund-raising efforts.
Such a great story. Read all.
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