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Lost States (2010)

by Michael J. Trinklein(Favorite Author)
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1594744106 (ISBN13: 9781594744105)
Quirk Books
review 1: From the earliest history of the United States to the present day, here are seventy-four stories of States that didn't make the cut. The stories of failed attempts to carve up what would eventually become the fifty States, and a few that are well beyond the current borders where the USA has attempted to expand either by design or the instigation of individuals as famous as Daniel Boone to a lot of historical figures who might be completely forgotten except for books like this. This isn't entirely about the past. There are plenty of examples of more recent attempts to redraw state maps and carve out new political boundaries for reasons like water rights, highways or geopolitical and moral considerations. New states as far flung as Greenland, Saipan and Yucatan have had ... moretheir proponents, and one State that had been its own country which still has the right without consent of Congress to carve itself into as many as five states. There is plenty of history here, delivered with much humor, plenty of maps and pictures. There is also an extensive bibliography for further reading.
review 2: Ever heard of the state of Lincoln? Probably not; it doesn't exist. But, if you've ever driven through northern Idaho, you've passed through what many natives wanted to be Lincoln, U.S.A. Did you know that if President Buchanan had had his way in 1853, the Mexican states of Sonora, Chihuahua, and Baja California would be part of the United States? Find these and many other interesting tidbits of Americana in Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania, and Other States That Never Made It. Packed with humorous tales of inventive place names such as Hazard, X, and Yazoo, this fun book will provide a wealth of information about our country's history. The book showcases the sense of determination and humor that forged our fifty states into a nation. Although, really…wouldn't “Rough and Ready” make a fun fifty-first state? less
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Very nice book full of maps and pictures. The text is well written and amusing.
Great book about states in the United States that never were.
Really enjoyable, very interesting, and highly recommended.
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