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Number 18 (2013)

by Michael Loring(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
Indie Style Press
review 1: This is a pretty short horror story. I happened to like it. It starts out with this nasty guy who seems to be a rapist. He goes after a woman but instead finds something else. This book does have werewolves in it. I thought the book also had some justice in it and liked that. I liked the writing and felt the characters were interesting. I can say I recommend it if you are into horror and/or werewolves.
review 2: This was the second book I read by this author... and I loved it!In fact, I'm a die hard fan of his, and that's no lie. I've read every piece of work he's released so far. I'm just completely enthralled with his writing style. I don't care if it was predictable or not, I've seen too many movies and read far too many books to be "surprised" anymore. But
... moreI enjoyed the journey. Even when I was younger I loved that about books. I loved the way authors could express themselves and it was like they were painting pictures in my mind. I long for the quiet moments. The ones where I'm snuggled up tight with a cup of coffee or tea and reading a good book. I'm never dissatisfied with this young authors work. I know that in time, I will wish that there was a 10star button instead of the measly five. less
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An interesting spin on a sadistic pervert and the creative justice placed upon him.
Pretty good short story! I like surprise endings!
Awesome short story.
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