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Overboard!: A True Blue-Water Odyssey Of Disaster And Survival (2010)

by Michael Tougias(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
1439145741 (ISBN13: 9781439145746)
Scribner Book Company
review 1: This is the true story of the sailboat Almesian's disastrous voyage and the sailors who survived the ordeal. It was an absolute page-turner, and I felt myself actually getting seasick reading certain portions of the book. The writing wasn't anything spectacular, but the tension of the story made up for that. I gave it three stars because I'm feeling stingy and I've read a whole lot this year, but it could easily get four for readability and I may change my mind. This is not the sort of book I'd ordinarily pick up, but it was so well told that it kept my attention. I also recently had the opportunity to meet the author and one of the survivors, which in itself was a powerful experience having read the book. In all: Unbelievable, true story. Recommended.
review 2:... more> I listened to this book about a storm on the east coast of the United States which sunk two boats in 2005,. It was harrowing. Julie & Chris are now safely back at home after a three-year sail, and so it is safe to read about the ocean once more. And I'm getting older and more forgetful, so if they go again -- I hope I will have forgotten this. But it is a really good story and I recommend the audio version because there is a bit of technical stuff that I might have skipped over had I the opportunity. less
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I love survival stories. This is a great one. I couldn't put it down.
Compelling! Absolutely love these kinds of stories.
Road trip listen. Gripping but one disc too long.
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