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Rescue Of The Bounty: Disaster And Survival In Superstorm Sandy (2014)

by Michael Tougias(Favorite Author)
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147674663X (ISBN13: 9781476746630)
review 1: During Hurricane Sandy, I remember hearing about the Bounty being out in the middle of the storm. And thinking, "What was that ship doing THERE?????"Now I know. The captain's idea was to get out of the storm's path, thinking the boat was likely to suffer serious damage if it were caught at the dock. If the hurricane was something like normal, the plan might have worked. But Sandy was so huge, to an unprecedented and unexpected degree, that the Bounty never stood a chance. Now, it is obvious that it was not a good plan to sail toward Sandy. But that is after the fact. The captain was highly qualified, and he made what ended up being a bad decision based on things he did not know. He certainly had no intentions to sail directly into Sandy's path; he had planned to ski... morert around it, instead. A big part of the problem was the condition of the Bounty's equipment, with pumps that were not in good working condition. The Bounty leaked so much that the ability to pump out water was crucial, and this was not functioning to anywhere near an acceptable level. Big, huge, serious problem. Compounded by the structural integrity of the ship, which had been constructed as a movie prop rather than as a commercial, ocean going vessel. Maintaining any ship is very expensive, especially the tall masted Bounty, and her obvious status as a white elephant made for severe difficulties in paying for proper maintenance. It is no wonder she was not in good condition; the miracle is that she was still in service anywhere, that she ever left port even in calm seas.Had the pumps been working well, maybe the Bounty would have survived. Or maybe not. Either way, it was the loss of two lives and a classic ship.
review 2: This book was fascinating and I read it in 12 hours. Since I have sailed on a 3 masted ship, I was interested in what led up to the sinking of the ship. The author was detail oriented and also wrote about the crew in a way that was interesting. At times there was a lot of jumping between past and present, but overall a very concise book that starts from the days leading up to the sailing through the entire rescue process. less
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A little long winded and slow at times but a good read
I love Michael Tougias' work. Great story, well told.
Great sea story. Well written and an enjoyable read.
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