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Fleur De Fantôme (2012)

by Michele Jaffe(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Ghost Flower is a better book then I imagined, with the summary I thought it would be a cliche "Headhunters" kind of novel but it turned out to be quite different. This was my first book I've read by Michele Jaffe and she certainly left a superb impression. The mystery in Ghost Flower was really well done, I would keep predicting what would happen next but be proven wrong by Jaffe's constant twists and turns which kept the novel going amazingly. I loved Eve's character and how Jaffe reveals her character throughout the novel until the very end (literally but spoilers). The darkness and creepiness that sprung from the novel made it extremely intriguing and also helped a lot with the character development as the more deeper the reader gets into the novel the more closer we g... moreet to the truth of Aurora and the Silvertons. The balance of comedy and romance in the novel was admirable, it probably took just 5 pages of the entire book but it was enough to make the story of Eve light-hearted in such intense moments. Jaffe successfully encouraged the reader a few laughs and also intense couple shipping.Ghost Flower is a flawless thriller/mystery; I recommend it to everyone! It is a must-read! I'm definitely going to be reading Michele Jaffe's other novels!
review 2: I thought this sounded like a promising book. Such a let down. It sounds like a great plot. Bain and Bridgette want to pass Eve for Aurora so they can get inheritance money. Here is the gradually-getting-stupider-as-the-book-progressed point: B&B (Bain and Bridgette) wanted to hire Eve to pass as Aurora, but it turns out they are just impatient. They'll get the inheritance in a couple of years, but seriously! They want it now. And I did not even understand the ending. Honestly, I had no idea. It didn't even make sense. Something about ghosts. Aargh. I hereby give this book a wholehearted two stars, and Jaffe is lucky I gave it two stars at all. less
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Fun mystery/thriller, with a bonus ghost.
Kinda quirky suspense, but I enjoyed it.
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