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Last Train To Paris (2014)

by Michele Zackheim(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
1609451791 (ISBN13: 9781609451790)
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review 1: Was enjoying this until i made the mistake if reading some of the reader reviews. Not looking forward to becoming disdainful of the narrator. "Sandy" - I could not disagree more: the sentimentality of language reflects the style of the time as well as the state of collective mind that allowed such evil to fester in darkness. ".. the collective of octogenarians may not remember yesterday, but fifty years ago is a breeze."
review 2: Pre-war Europe is the setting for this semi-factual novel. Rosie, whose father is Catholic and mother Jewish, leaves Nevada for Paris to re-invent herself as she throws herself into her journalism career. Her artistic, headstrong mother denies her Jewish heritage and is emotionally abusive to her husband and daughter. Rose, as she
... morenow styles herself, finds herself at the focal point of several crises- her beautiful actress cousin is kidnapped while visiting Paris, Rose's lover in Berlin treads a very fine ethical line to survive, and Rose is forced to confront her real identity as a Jew in the face of the monstrous extermination campaign of the Reich and the build up to war. The author manages to weave these disparate threads together and convey the horror, confusion and desperation of the period. I felt raw at times, trying to imagine, from my comfortable, 21st century viewpoint, what it must have felt like to be in Europe and to try to survive under such circumstances. I recommend this book and hope to find more by the same writer. less
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A fast read which makes real the fear and horror surrounding life in Europe before and during WW11.
Fantastic book, could not put it down/a little tragic
Beautifully written, the story will break your heart.
Barely readable.
Excellent novel!
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