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123 Versus ABC (2013)

by Mike Boldt(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
0062102990 (ISBN13: 9780062102997)
review 1: The book 123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt is a very fun, colorful and exciting book. There images are very fun and silly and I feel help to hold the attention of the reader. The cover full of brightly colored animals with the letter A and the number 1 smiling as they ready to begin their “epic battle” to see who the book is really about. All the excitement on the cover makes me curious to see what this story is all about. The author uses colored speech bubbles to tell the story. The blue bubbles are telling what the number 1 is saying and the orange bubbles are what the letter A is saying. The story goes along with such fun and silly pictures with each page adding more and more to the battle. The story goes through numbers 1-26 and letter A-Z with fun images connect... moreing them together. I love the creativity in this story like not just having 13 monkeys but having them juggling with neckties on. In the end you come to learn that both letters and numbers are equally important and can be found all around. This would be a great book to read aloud to a class. It would make it fun to have the class find and count the different objects and animals on each page. You could even make a list with columns for letters and numbers and have your class fill in things that they find on each column as you read. This book would be fun for all ages, but I feel that if your intent would be for teaching purposes it would maybe be better suited for first grade level since grades below that may find it overwhelming with many images and information on each page. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining and fun read.
review 2: 1 and A argue over whether the book is an ABC book or a book about numbers...turns out they are both right! I thoroughly enjoyed this abc/123 book. Even with digital illustrations this is one of the first books of its kind that I was interested to continue reading. 1 and A reminded me of Pixar characters in their dynamism and expressions. I can't wait to use this for my counting...I mean, ABC...storytime. less
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Cute picture book that is a combination of an ABC and counting book.
Very cute! Love the illustrations. My kids will love this one!
Pretty cute. I liked it.
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