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Gypsy Boy On The Run (2011)

by Mikey Walsh(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1444720201 (ISBN13: 9781444720204)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: The second installment in Mikey Walsh's saga demonstrates the lengths that he had to go through to escape his Romany background but still could not outrun his violent upbringing. The violence seemed to follow him wherever he went. He always ended up having to fight for what he wanted and once he determined the future he wanted, nothing could stand in his way. I am so glad that I read both of these books; it really opens your eyes to a completely different culture and you will find yourself cheering for Mikey as he perseveres and overcomes every obstacle, no matter how daunting.
review 2: I saw the book in the library on the new release shelf and thought it would be interesting. I did not read the first book and was not familiar with the story. I read it in
... more two days- I'm not sure why I could not put the book down. it was haunting- a young man's reflection growing up in the violent world of the gypsy community and running away at 15 yrs old. The book is filled with drinking, abuse, cursing and the author's admission he is gay. there is no "happily ever after" thus far for Mikey. Perhaps that's why I read it so quickly, I wanted to know he was happy. less
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Did SQL but did repeat a lot of the first book
Well done Mikey Walsh another brill book
3.5 stars
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