Book Review:You are Free: Be Who You Already Are by Rebekah Lyons

This book was part practical application and part memoir. It was an interesting look at the ways we let the pressure, opinions of others, and self doubt bog us down in our spiritual walk. The author was honest and generous, sharing personal stories that will speak to many readers. 

I attended the concert/conference called Broken and Free that Mrs. Lyons spoke at, which is why I decided to read this book. Let me just say, it was amazing to see a room full of women singing with hearts lifted up to God. It was inspiring and encouraging. This book has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but for me, this book was good with moments of great. I think that is because no person’s life experiences are going to connect perfectly with all parts of another person’s life. The parts that spoke profoundly to me, might not impact you at all (and vice versa). That is the great part of a book like this, take the jewels meant for you and apply them.

A conversation with God about Him being enough:

     You matter to me; is that not enough?


     “For some reason I’m not doing this for an audience of one.” I admitted.

     So I‘m not enough?

     “Yeah; you are kind of not enough. Why is this the case?”

Later she adds:

I realized no amount of public affection would heal my wounds. No number of roads traveled, cities frequented, books sold, positive reviews, or even souls healed would restore me. In those quiet moments, as I dialogued with God, he whispered his truth:

Public affection cannot heal private rejection.
Recommended Grades: High school-Adult

Genre: Nonfiction

Overall Opinion: Above Average

Source: Book

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