Author Profile on @GeralynCorcillo

Author Profile on @GeralynCorcillo

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Why you should read books by @GeralynCorcillo

Question:  She is a prolific Chick Lit author who creates memorable characters, offers stunning descriptions, mines intense moments to their fullest emotional impact and uses humor to her creative advantage.

Answer:   Who is Geralyn Corcillo

If the above had been a Jeopardy style exchange and you had answered Geralyn Corcillo, you would have taken a further step towards winner’s glory.

In this maddening world of never-ending scheduling with its often colliding personal and professional commitments, we spread ourselves quite thin. Taking time to read a good book, sadly, is often low on our list of priorities. In addition, if we make a point to reward our weekly diligence with a weekend of reading relaxation, what books should we choose? Perhaps we can wrap our heads around a mystery? Maybe we can indulge in a romance? Life is hard, so a few laughs might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If we sprinkle the comedy with a touch of romance, so much the better. Snow White doesn’t hold the monopoly on wanting her soul mate to come into her life nor is a sheltered royal prince with a glass slipper the only gent entitled to live happily ever after with the girl of his dreams; and for a computer genius, sometimes the best solution isn’t found with a keyboard, but exists in a stately English mansion.

Geralyn Corcillo gives readers a world where we can gratefully lose our hearts in its splendor. She crafts exciting, yet realistic characters, often sending them to lush surroundings where they too can escape the mundane of their everyday lives.

Corcillo is an accomplished wordsmith with a collection of books to her credit: Miss Adventure, Queen of the Universe and Catch a Falling Star (these books comprise the “In Love in the Limelight” series); Upstairs, Downstairs…and the Lift in Between, a Novella (Drakenfall Book #1) and A Drakenfall Christmas (Drakenfall Book #2); 4 in the Afternoon (4 Short Stories).

I accepted Corcillo’s literary invitation and found myself exploring the picturesque English countryside, indulging in the pleasures of Drakenfall, with a California free spirit named Maisy Potter and a charismatic (and enigmatic) English fellow, Mark Prebys. These two characters will delight readers. I won’t spoil my encounter by telling specifics so let’s just say the twists and turns of a Drakenfall excursion leave you wanting more!

Drakenfall was my well-prepared literary appetizer. I’m excited to dine on more of Corcillo’s fictional offerings. I encourage all readers to do the same.

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