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Someone Bad And Something Blue (2012)

by Miranda Parker(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
0758259522 (ISBN13: 9780758259523)
Angel Crawford Series
review 1: I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. It is the second installment in the Angel Crawford mystery series. I didn't read the first book, but this book stands alone quite well. There is enough background to fill you in. Angel is a bail recovery agent and a single mom just trying to make her way in the world. There is a lot going on in this book and at times the storyline seems a little fragmented. The novel ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, so you are left wondering what will happen in the next Angel Crawford novel. Thank you Goodreads First Reads and Miranda Parker for the gift of this autographed book.
review 2: LimitsAs "A Good Excuse To Be Bad" ended, readers learned that Angel Crawford, our witty, bail recovery agent, received a mysterio
... moreus card implying that her fiancé, Gabriel Hwang, just may still be amongst the living. "Someone Bad and Something Blue" opens and it's obvious that Angel is doing all that she can to find out if Gabe is alive. With Tiger's help, they just may have a new lead. While piecing together clues Tiger asks Angel to allow Avery Riddick, another bail recovery agent, to be of assistance. On a paid vacation, Angel finds herself in a PI course. There she meets Marshal Maxim West. Soon her expertise is needed on a manhunt in the swamps of Georgia. Hot on the trail of a murderer, she still doesn't understand how her snitch, Rosary DiChristina, and frienemy, Sean Graham, fit into the folds. Can Angel help save the day?Unique to Angel is her desire to learn the truth, her eccentric family, and her keen knack for finding and involving herself in drama. With Justus Morgan declaring his true feelings for Angel, is she finally ready to reciprocate?I really enjoy the vast details Miranda Parker shares about Georgia with readers. I love the entire family, their wittiness, and I find myself rooting for their happiness. This book seems really heavy in details and sometimes it doesn't seem relevant to the story. My biggest pet peeve is having to wait for part 3 to see if she will or if he is. Patience is NOT my strong suit. Reviewed by: Crystal3.5 stars less
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It was really good I recommend it to all my friends.
looks and sounds awesome can't wait to read it.....
Good story. Loved the characters.
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