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City Of A Thousand Dolls (2013)

by Miriam Forster(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
0062121308 (ISBN13: 9780062121301)
Harper Teen
Bhinian Empire
review 1: This is a sweet, quick read. Good characterization and a well-designed world you quickly feel comfortable in. Plot elements that could have felt trite and silly worked due to the excellent writing and plotting. I would say this trends more toward middle reader than YA; just in terms of writing style and content. I think good for fans of Tamora Pierce. Interested enough to read the next book in the series! Give this one a try if you enjoy well-written middle reader/YA with strong and entertaining female characters.
review 2: I really, really wanted to like this book. The pseudo-Asian setting was neat and it took place in an isolated city with several different houses/guild of people. But it flopped mightily. I liked the chatty cats and Nisha seemed interesting,
... moredoing her odd jobs and be just outside of an outlined role. But, it moved very slowly and as the "dramatic" plot started to unfold, I found myself bored and not wanting to pick it up the next day. less
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I liked this. I could see what was coming, but enjoyed the book.
I want more! I couldn't put it down
I loved the plot twist at the end.
Very cool! I liked it very much.
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