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Confessions Of A Military Wife (2009)

by Mollie Gross(Favorite Author)
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Savas Beatie
review 1: Is it possible to give a book zero stars? I've never read a more tasteless and ill-written book (sorry Fifty Shades). I should've know what I was getting into just from reading the quote at the top of the page. Eating cookie dough from the tube, spending your husbands money and hitting on the toothless guy at the commissary-your first day of marriage to a military service member and you're already the stereotypical dependa. Slow clap. Just to put the record straight, it IS possible to be married to a service member and lead a normal life. And rather than spend my husbands money on shopping sprees and spa days, I go to work like a normal human being. I also don't abuse controlled substance anxiety medication (shocker!!).At the end of the day, this book is just a pathetic, s... moreelf-congratulating attempt to humorize the military spouse lifestyle, and the fact that she "survived four years in the Marine Corps." No one I know does a third of what this woman has wrote about-not that any of her situations and conversations are realistic. Folks on the outside reading this (and I highly discourage doing so), this is not an accurate depiction of most military spouses. I'd put it down and run.
review 2: As a military wife, some parts of this book were hilarious and relatable... many others, not so much. The author is literally an "open book" - talking about farts and sex and IBS... which I find comforting, as I am generally an open person myself, but can see where some people would be uncomfortable with this much information. I don't think the book accurately describes my own personal experience in the military, although I think everyone's experience with the military can be different, depending on so many different factors. Like I said - some parts were relatable and comforting for me, but other parts definitely weren't relatable at all. Overall, it was a quick read and pretty funny to get through. It wasn't written very well and I probably wouldn't read it again, but was glad that I read it once. less
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Such a great non sappy book for any military spouse to not only relate to but most of all laugh at.
This book is definitely in my top 10. Such a fun and heartfelt book.
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