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Fallen Star (2005)

by Morgan Hawke(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 5
1596321199 (ISBN13: 9781596321199)
Loose Id
Interstellar Service & Discipline
review 1: I am wound up so tight about this book that my neck hurts ! the men in this book pissed me off so bad i started to sweat, i guess i am in no way a fan of this BDSM submissive shit , it made me sick and i wanted to beat the shit out of both the guys , the first sex scene was hot but after that i cringed at everything, and the making her call them "syr" i would have spit in his fuckin face , ughhh idk just not the book for me i guess maybe it was because she was so strong willed and they just broke her down so quickly idk it freaked my shit out bad, the rest of the story was good though i suppose , read at your own risk !!
review 2: This second installment of the "Interstellar Service and Discipline" series was certainly incredibly hot, but for me it didn't have
... moremuch heat.Isabeau, a code-breaker and thief, is a great character. She's smart, courageous, and assertive. Although she's captured by the Skeldhi, and is transformed via a DNA transfer into a human/Skeldhi hybrid, she's very much a survivor.Sobehk and Khan, her captors, are friends of long-standing. Khan wants to have both Sobehk and Isabeau as lovers, but Sobehk initially resists. When they all finally do get together there's lots of steamy shower sex and extensive menage action. However, I never really warmed up to Khan. I think what did it for me was when he whips Isabeau as a 'punishment', but apparently goes too far and injures her (though not too badly). When Sobehk calls him on it, Khan refuses to acknowledge the extent of her injuries, and apparently feels no remorse...That's a big non-starter for me.However, the plot keeps you reading along, and it is a fun read, so 3 stars. less
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I really wish there were more books in this series. Very well done.
one of my favorite books. It's been along time since I've read it.
Love love love this series! A must read!
3.75 stars
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