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The Lost Island Of Tamarind. Nadia Aguiar (2009)

by Nadia Aguiar(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
0141323868 (ISBN13: 9780141323862)
Puffin Books
review 1: This book gave my summer a more colourful, brighter exotic feel. The Lost Island of Tamarind deserves to be a lot more famous than it is.Maya (13), Simon (9) and Penny (10 months) live on a boat with their parents who are marine biologists. The children's parents are currently contributing to the Red Coral project which the children are allowed to know little about. When their parents get thrown overboard in a storm, the children try to find land but instead come across the magical island of Tamarind in search for their parents who had managed to take the lifeboat. Personally, my favourite bit is when they are in the cloud forest as it is such a lovely place and there are events that make your heart pound. Full of adventure, wonderful landscape, absorbing plots and unravel... moreling mysteries and suspicions, this is the best book I've ever read and one I'll keep for life.
review 2: As I read through this book, I made notes in a notebook. I uploaded a few of them as statuses, and I'm sure you can judge from that what I thought about this book. First point that gets repeated over and over and over in my notes--Maya, you're an idiot. Everything screams for you to trust Helix, and you don't trust him. Everything screams for you not to trust the guy with the skulls in a bag (especially the fact that he carries around skulls in a bag) and you take the path he points out. What is with you, girl? Of course, that's just a few examples--I don't want to bore you. less
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I loved this book so much when I was younger
Pretty good book
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