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Aunt Ant Leaves Through The Leaves (2012)

by Nancy Coffelt(Favorite Author)
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0823423530 (ISBN13: 9780823423538)
Holiday House
review 1: I really liked the concept of this book as I am a big fan of word play, and thus is why I chose the book to read. I enjoyed the bright colors used in the illustrations, which were drawn with pastels, as well as the different species that were the characters in the book. I found the plot to start out strong with a clear story but as it continued I found it to be unnecessarily long and continued not to advance the plot but instead to fit in more homonyms and homophones. I do, however, believe children would find this book entertaining and would have fun pointing out the different homonyms and homophones within the story and be inspired to create a story of the same sort. So, as an educational tool to a young audience I would recommend this book but if you are looking at plot... more or are looking for a good read-aloud/along book I would recommend a different tale.
review 2: Grades 2-4 Coffelt uses a slightly offbeat retelling of The Little Red Hen as a vehicle to help children understand homophones and homonyms better. Monkey is trying to get a load of bananas home so that he can make banana pies, and all of the animals have some reason that they can't help him with the work, but, true to form, they all show up wanting to help eat the pie. The extent to which Coffelt crams in examples of homonyms or homophones (all bolded to stand out) is admirable. If the abundance of homonyms make the story a little clunky, oh well... they definitely get the point across. And her note at the end, which differentiates between homophones and homonyms, is thorough and engaging. A useful story for many elementary classrooms, it's rounded out with bright and energetic illustrations done in oil pastels. less
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Teachers are always looking for books to help describe grammar rules. Add this to the list.
A fun way to introduce word play to students. The focus is on homophones and homonyms.
Good book for introducing these language concepts to young children.
Grades 2-4. Homophones galore in a comic-book like story.
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