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Minus Iris (2014)

by Natasha Farrant(Favorite Author)
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The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby
review 1: After Iris by Natasha FarrantRating 3.5 out of 5 stars (A more patient reader needed)Interest Level: Grades 7-10 (It's aimed at MS, but I believe it works up to at least 10th) Loss is difficult. It doesn't matter your age. Bluebell Gadsy lost her twin sister in a tragic accident just six months ago. In the aftermath, she finds that the people she needs most, her parents, cope with the loss by withdrawing further and further--to the point that they desert the family and hire a full time sitter to care for Bluebell and her siblings. To make matters worse, when Bluebell falls for a charming young man, her dynamic, popular older sister swoops in and steals him from her. In the wake of Iris' death, the entire family is falling apart at the seams, and it appears that there i... moresn't a patch big enough to fix the tragic tear. Told in a combination of film transcripts and personal diary entries, Natasha Farrant takes an intriguing formalistic approach in this work. Nearly all of us (and all of our students) have dealt with or will deal with some of the myriad of issues that haunt this vulnerable family. The tender story of a family coping with real world problems in real world ways, After Iris is an uncomfortable journey, but this is why it is an important read; this is why it is an authentic read; and this is why it needs to be read.
review 2: This really took me awhile to get into because of the script writing. Iris is always filming or documenting her life using the format of a script. She is trying to cope with life at school as well as at home. She often feels as if no one sees her. Her parents are both busy with work. Her older sister is no longer close to her as she used to be and her friends no longer talk to her. Her twin sister died, so Iris feels as though a part of her has died too. She starts to really live again after a strange boy moves in next door. less
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Lovely family story about a twin surviving her sister's accidental death, funny sweet, and touching.
An enjoyable book. Good for a bit of light reading.
1/1/14Read 2 hours
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