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After Iris (2013)

by Natasha Farrant(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
0803739826 (ISBN13: 9780803739826)
The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby
review 1: I liked this book a lot. I loved Bluebell and felt so sorry for her because of the loss of her twin sister and how she retreats from life by trying her hardest to become invisible to everybody around her, even pulling herself away from the rest of her family whom she thinks don't understand what losing Iris means to her. Flora was fairly annoying and superficial but I did like Jas and Twig. My favourite character though had to be Zoran the au pair who made me laugh and helped the family so much. The reason I only give it 3 stars is because I was very frustrated with Blue's parents whom even though you understand that they are trying to cope with the loss of their daughter, they are a little over the top and don't seem to care about the rest of their family at all. The... moreir Mother irritated me the most and even though there is a nice ending, I didn't change my mind towards the pair of them at all. It is a nice read for YA readers who like family reads though.
review 2: So how would you cope when someone in your family dies before your time? More particularly what if she were your twin? In this family, the mother travels with work, the father is secreted away writing - and the children are more or less left to fend for themselves. Until Zoran arrives, bringing some order, but more chaos as well into the family. My heart ached for Blue - and I wanted to take the parents and give them a good shake. It was funny and poignant at the same time. Good read! less
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This book is really quite adorable :) Super easy and fun to read! Review to come!
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very cute book.
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