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The Last Brother (2011)

by Nathacha Appanah(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
1555975755 (ISBN13: 9781555975753)
Graywolf Press
review 1: This novel has been beautifully translated into English. Its descriptive language paints so well the thoughts and struggles of a boy who has experienced much loss and pain in his young life. I was held captive throughout the entirety of The Last Brother, especially by the dynamics between Raj's family. There is so much buried pain in this story, and it brings light to a side of WWII I never knew before.
review 2: I really thought I would enjoy this book, but sadly I just thought it was mediocre. The narrative is a little sparse and I had no sense of connection with any of the characters which meant that when they died I felt no emotion. I found the main character annoying and this is probably the reason why it seemed so hard to get through. The story itself
... moredid remind me a little of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but without any of the feelings or suspense. There are lots of people giving this really good reviews so maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it but it's not one that I will be passing on to friends/family. less
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Beautifully written, but somewhat heart wrenching. Not for the beach but a great read.
A heartbreaking tale that had me on the verge of tears more than once.
Eyeopening moment when I realised the (or another) extent of WO2..
This book curb-stomped my heart.
Probably a 31/2.
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