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Surviving The Fourth Cycle (2012)

by Nathan Daniels(Favorite Author)
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1621418138 (ISBN13: 9781621418139)
review 1: One hell of a journey! An incredibly original writing style, by a gifted writer, tells the story of a life riddled with tragedy and despair, but underlined with love and hope.A really great book for it's entertainmaint value, (seriously... you go from reading about a poor boy's experience being molested by his sister, bullied by his father, and losing his loving mother, to training with shaolin monks, getting in a wrestling ring, staying in a famous haunted house, and falling in love.I think this is a rather important book too, as it will surely raise much awareness to what it's really like to be crippled by severe mental illness.I laughed. I cried. And I was haunted and inspired long after I finished reading it.
review 2: One of the most entertaining and eye-o
... morepening non-fiction books I've read. The story (stories, really) is presented in a unique format, as promised on the back cover. The journal entries are raw, but vivid, and force you to feel what it's like to suffer these very real afflictions. The first-person account is remarkably enlightening.The intertwining chapters explore, with brutal honesty, a troubled life filld with abuse, death, isolation, and mental illness. This book offers no answers or cures, but is insprational in it's underlying message of survivial.There is also a very powerful love story, within these twisted pages, that I wasn't epecting to be so touched by.One of the best aspects about this book is the wide range of content that you would normally have to read ten different books, from ten diffrent authors, to find. I don't want to give anything away, because I genuinely enjoyed being surprised on multiple occasions.I would recommend this book to... Anyone who suffers any form of mental illness.Anyone who wants a better undertaning of living with mental illness.Book lovers who enjoy well-told, real-life, inspirratioal stories with an edge. less
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Repetitive and hypocritical. And most obviously published without being proofread.
Inspirational storyQuality writingEntertaining and insightful
One of the best auto-biographies I've ever read.
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