Day for Night: Part 2

The three-day event Day for Night had an extensive lineup. Artists and musicians from all around had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and love for auditory and visual arts and technology from Dec. 15 until Dec. 17 2017. The convert included memorable performances from Princess Nokia, Cardi B and Hoodcelebrityy, Phantogram, Solange and a few others.

Destiny Frasqueri, better known by her stage name Princess Nokia, is an American rapper of Afro-Puerto Rican descent. She is well known for her suggestive yet empowering lyrics. The artist’s presence on the stage was energetic and uplifting. All the fans shouted the lyrics along with her. Her interactions with the crowd were memorable, to say the least. With crowd surfing and a heartfelt speech, Princess Nokia stole the show through her connection with the audience.

Hoodcelebrityy was a featured dancehall artist from Jamaica performing in support of Cardi B, the main act for that set. Her sensational lyrics and hypnotizing dance moves mesmerized the audience. After Hoodcelebrityy finished her performance, however, the wait for Cardi B seemed endless. The DJ played song after song. By the time she was on stage, most of the audience’s energy had faded from the repeated delays. Despite the hit songs and her own stimulating personality, Cardi B’s set ended almost as soon as it began and fell flat with many in the audience who were left wanting more.  

Phantogram performed right before Solange and put on an amazing set that beautifully integrated visuals with their own brand of Southern-inspired electric rock. A dizzying number of spotlights coupled with massive projections on the screen behind them gave their songs more gravitas than was expected. After each song, the crowd loudly cheered and dozens sang along.

After Phantogram’s incredible performance, it was a breeze to get through the crowd toward the front. As the minutes passed, the crowd inched forward, patiently waiting for Solange. Unlike most performers, she did not take center stage for the majority of her set. Instead her act was accompanied by backup singers and musicians. Even so, she did not miss any opportunity to interact with her fans — coming off the stage to personally sing to the fans at the front barricade and even throwing the cowboy she wore to the crowd. Finally, after having personally thanked Houston fans for accompanying her that evening, Solange made her exit.

Other artists included LIMB, an audio-visual performer who used his technological know-how to create a beautiful display of light and sound. His hypnotic beats soon had many in the crowd swaying along, as the screens set up in an octagonal formation around him lit up with distorting images of him as he performed.

Jenny Hval likewise used a combination of lights and sound to call to mind the alienation that modern social media can bring about for many online.

While there were far too many acts happening simultaneously to see them all, the performances that we did see certainly left an impression on the audience.

All Pictures were taken by the author. For more information on the event, visit the Day for Night website.

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