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Captured (2010)

by Neil Cross(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 1
1847373976 (ISBN13: 9781847373977)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: More like 2.5. Neil Cross might be my new favourite crime fiction writer at the moment; his stories seem simple but the characters feel authentic, and his no-nonsense prose makes for some vivid scenes. I had no idea who the 'captured' in the title referred to and the reveal was done pretty well. But I felt for none of the characters, because they are either unredeemable or clueless as hell. There are some brilliant moments of suspense but by the end it was hard for me to care. Would make for a great movie though; it reminded me of 'Prisoners' at times.
review 2: I really like the way Cross writes. Simple, direct, unexpectedly elegant... his is a world of thoroughly fucked-up and therefore very ordinary people, doing their best to cope when things dissolve. Hi
... mores characters have distinct voice, they act credibly, and you can never be sure what the hell they're going to do next. Best of all, there's no sense of authorial judgement or "value statement" - the reader is left to accept the characters on their own terms. On that level, worth a four, and he deserves to be up there next to Rendell/Vine. I'm unable to resist the urge to bust it down a bit for the way the story ties up - too fast and too neatly for my liking in some respects - but I'll give him a pass this time - can we call this a three and a half? Nearly a four? Just misses a four? An idiosyncratic voice, particularly one this readable and enjoyable, is well worth encouraging and I don't want to sound as if I'm doing it down. More please! less
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I enjoyed this one, but I thought the story went a little off the rails at the end.
Did not like this book, story a bit strange with unsatisfactory ending,
Typical Neil Cross. Bring on the next novel.
not as good as all his other books
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