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8810 (2000)

by Nicholas Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.09 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I took a chance on this one because office-related stories aren't usually what I'm into, but it was pretty enjoyable! It was a light, funny read and it would have been quick if I wasn't busy lately.I enjoyed how each chapter seemed to be a random day in Bill's life working for Riders insurance. There wasn't much development anywhere because of that, but some of the characters were funny!There are quite a few typos and not enough commas, but it's not that much of an issue while reading (for me).
review 2: This author has talent. Just needs to be honed. For instance, Bill gets a ride into work with his friend Ankle in his Camaro but at the end of the work day, Bill gets in his own silver Impreza to go home. And I'm glad Adrian has "matching eyes." My questi
... moreon would be "As opposed to what?""She looked over her shoulder at him and shuttered." I think the author means "shuddered." Shutters would have to do with what one has on their windows. Fiasco has strait teeth? Get a dictionary, bro!Ha! That was good! There's this guy who farts at work. Bill was going out for lunch with some coworkers and says "Maybe we should go to Taco Bell so I can get a bean burrito or something. I want to be able to fight back." Interesting nicknames of coworkers - Ankle, Sure-cusses-a-lot, Handicap, Lo Jack, to name a few. Taylor does somewhat of a good rendition of today's corporate America though his was more about lunch, meetings, and other employees than about actually working. I am amazed that companies who trust their employees with computers, files, clients, etc, after giving their employees notice of a layoff, they are now having these same employees followed by security and escorted off the premises. No two-week notice here. less
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It definately had its funny moments. I actually liked the ending.
Funny. I so can relate
Quick and funny read.
Laugh out loud funny.
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