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Twitter Wit: Brilliance In 140 Characters Or Less (2009)

by Nick Douglas(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 2
0061897272 (ISBN13: 9780061897276)
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review 1: Twitter Wit ... really? With the exception of a couple of the tweets, this book was about as unfunny as you could get. Thee odd couple of tweets made me smile (no laughing) but the rest were boring and even bordering in offensive at times. Luckily it's not a long book so I finished it rather quickly. I think they need to go back to the drawing board and do more research through Twitter because there are many funny tweets out there, it's just unfortunate that none of them are in this book.
review 2: SUMMARY: New York Magazine proclaims, "Twitter is the hot web company right now...the Next Big Thing;" the New York Times calls it "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet;" Time magazine claims "Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app;" an
... mored Newsweek notes that "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world′s a-twitter." Since its creation in March 2006, Twitter has unleashed a torrent of self-expression from its six million members around the world, who send and read each others′ "tweets," messages up to 140 characters in length. Friends use the site to make plans; relatives use it to stay connected; politicians use it to lobby for votes; and humorists use it to perfect their craft. In fact, Twitter users have reinvented the classic medium of the witticism in a site where anyone can be a Dorothy Parker or an Oscar Wilde. Twitter Wit is the first compilation of Twitter aphorisms, with submissions ranging from quotidian vignettes like "I bet in Sweden the Ikea instructions are in English" to bumper sticker-type quips like "I think the bird of love is the dove. My husband thinks it′s the swallow," and contributors ranging from celebrities like Shaquille O′Neal, Jimmy Fallon, Penn Jillette, John Cleese, and Steven Fry to regular people with previously unappreciated sharp tongues. Featuring a foreword by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, this authorized anthology of the thousand most most clever and memorable "tweets" relates the diversity of human experience in hilarious bite-sized pieces. less
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This takes longer to read than I thought, but it is still very funny.
I'm now inspired to write one-liners....
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