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Glover's Mistake (2009)

by Nick Laird(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 1
0670020974 (ISBN13: 9780670020973)
Viking Adult
review 1: An engaging read, this novel tells the story of Ruth Marks, James Glover and David Pinner who through circumstances end up in a bizarre love triangle.Ruth is David's old college lecturer who he has secretly had a crush on for many years so when a chance meeting leads them to renew their acquaintance, David thinks he might have a chance with her and that she may remember him as one of her students.Unfortunately, though Ruth is happy to be friends with David, her romantic inclinations run towards David's flatmate James.Through David Ruth tries to get access to James and finally David wises up to the fact he is being used as a pawn in her game to ensnare James.David spirals into a sort of obsessive but silent third wheel and never misses any chance to discredit James or cause... more trouble between the pair, this is comparatively easy to do as Ruth has a colourful past including dalliances with women, one of whom is still in her life as a "friend" at the time of her relationship with James, not overlooking the fact that there is a big age gap between Ruth and James which sometimes rears its head as James having ugly, jealous tantrums.Can their relationship survive or is it doomed to failure due to situations and the looming presence of the devious David in the background.A clever idea for a novel and shows how jealousy and obsession can sour anything in life. Well worth reading.
review 2: Laird is obviously a good writer, and I enjoyed this book quite a bit for the first two thirds. But then it became obvious that he was a British writer, which often means he's happy having his bad guy protagonist get away with being bad, unlike US writers, who often make their bad guy protags learn how to be better. (Nick Hornby being the obvious exception.)This book is sort of the dramatic version of that movie The Baxter -- it's a romantic novel about the people not in the romance. Interesting, but ultimately a bit unfulfilling. Still, I'd read more from him. less
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This book was weird but I felt I had to finish it. It reminded me of Catcher in the Rye. Lol
This was an intelligent book, with just the right doses of humour, tragedy, and wit.
I love Nick Laird. LOVE HIM.
Terrible book
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