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Söyleyemem Sevdiğimi (2011)

by Nicola Cornick(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 6
Pegasus Yayınları
The Brides of Fortune
review 1: Sıradışı bir Historical kalıplaşmış Marki Dük düşes yok bu kitapta.Zengin de değiller.Kadın erkekten sekiz yaş büyük ama bu birbirlerini sevmelerine kesinlikle engel değil.Kelle vergisi denen bir olayla başlıyor romanımız.Vallahi ben çok beğendim.Yazar da müthiş bir anlatım gücü var.Sanırım bu üç kitaplık bir seri.Ben bu seriyi kesinlikle takip edeceğim.Değişik bir historical okumak isteyenlare tavsiye ederim
review 2: I did finish it. There are books so bad I cannot do more than 50 pages, which is as far as I will go in a really bad book, this one was really bad, stupid plot, lame underdeveoped characters, boring sex, blessedly short in duration, even the supporting cast was unlikable. How bad does a book have to be before s
... moreomeone edits it? Errors in names and gender, need I go on? And then to top it all, am I the only one who knows how much 10,000 pounds a year would have been for a dowagers expectations after becoming a widow? Skilled, educated workers could live on less than than 50 pounds a year, and we were expected to think two people who did not like her would provide such an income. ARGH!!!! less
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Good story and great characters. Really liked it and will get the rest of the series.
not what I would normally read, but it was ok
Good story....
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