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The Shen Counter (2000)

by Nicole Jakubowski(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Read. I may just be feeling a bit sentimental, but I rather liked this book; the ridiculous and abrupt plot twists struck a really good chord in conjunction with the extremely over-dramatic relationships. The main characters, Jade and her best friend Alex, are just getting ready to head off to college, and (depending on who is acknowledging their age) are 18 or 19 years old. It has become commonplace for people to show special abilities; for instance, Jade is an Empath, her friend Morgan is a Telepath, and Alex discovers that he has the Potential to become Immortal. Jade and Alex experience a series of ever-more-horrifying tragedies, bringing them closer together than ever before. The duo begin to realize just how importan... moret friends and family are in life, and draw a close-knit group to them as they discover that someone has orchestrated the recent terrible events. Is Jade more than she seems? Will Alex choose the path of the Immortals? Will they be able to live with the choices they make?As the first novel in what appears to be an ongoing series, I appreciated the events defining the plot as being not exactly original but well-constructed. The interactions between Jade and Alex can be cloyingly sweet, but viewed in the context of possibly cosmically-connected soulmates can be excused. I appreciated the lyrical descriptions of feelings between parents and child, between friends, between lovers; again, at times it felt piled-on and unrealistic, but I never felt like it was giving me an upleasant beating over the head like in some stories (ahem Twilight ahem what?). I like to attribute that to the fact that these people all seem to have heightened senses, so perhaps it's understandable that they'd be feeling things more deeply? At any rate, this is a great first effort, and provided that it could improve with some extra proofreading and small bits of continuity editing, The Shen Counter feels like a fairly polished piece. It's a bit similar in feeling to the Roswell and Fearless novels, although the extra abilities here are generally taken as a normal course of life. I recommend it for fans of YA paranormal romance stories and sci-fi.
review 2: The concept of this book is intriguing, enlightening, and full on fascinating. The Characters are easy to fall in love with and to relate too. The dynamics between each of the characters inspire us to recognise love, protection, and the meaning of family. All this PLUS the added bonus of a pure original storyline that includes the wonders of a sixth sense and immortality. I truly loved reading this book. It is unpredictable, action pact, and keeps the pages turning.The only reason this is not a 5 star is due to editorial typos and a few small details. The first few pages are relatively slow paced, but within the first 6 pages....I was hooked. Great Kudos to the Author! I look forward to getting to know the characters EVEN MORE in the following book/s. less
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Simply amazing! Can not wait for the next book. Should be a Bestseller in no time!!!
A real page-turner! Great first book - can't wait for the next in the series.
pretty good
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