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It's Classified (2011)

by Nicolle Wallace(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
1451610963 (ISBN13: 9781451610963)
Atria Books
Charlotte Kramer
review 1: Imagine - a female President, Vice-president and the Secretary of State. And the President and the VP are from different political parties. That's the case in this novel, so it's probably more of a fantasy than anything else. That said, the story appears to be in the present day, dealing with a President in her second term, and a VP who is basically not fit for office. There's also loyal staff members, intrigue, an implausible (at least to me) love story between the estranged husband of the president, and the VP's communication advisor. It's a quick read, and if not taken too seriously, it's an enjoyable book. (note - the characters in this book first appeared in "Eighteen Acres", which I haven't read, so it's very possible that I missed some of the back st... moreory).
review 2: Too many words for a somewhat one-tracked predictable story. I liked the strong female characters- having a woman as president and vice president, as well as secretary of state and various other powerful positions. However, the emotional and mental issues of the VP, Tara, undermined that female strength a bit. I didn't like how she let Marcus control her the way she did. I would have told him off! Hmph! less
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I love her perspective from her years of experience. Nicely done.
Loved these books! Please, please, please be a trilogy.
Loved. Even better than the first.
Great satire.
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