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Shattered Heart (2012)

by Nikki McCoy(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
1614956375 (ISBN13: 9781614956372)
Silver Publishing
review 1: I had some issues but happily the slave story was the best part, and that I really liked. The work up detailing poor Corin's miserable life was pretty over-the-top. I liked the whole post-apocalyptic set up, but I would have preferred more details on how the society had been restructured and slavery reintroduced, and less of the cartoonishly evil parents. However, once Markus enters the story, things got a lot more satisfying--in more ways than one. I found the dynamic between master and slave here was great--the punishments were erotically charged and kinky, but they were also reasonable and focused, without any of the first part's gratuitous brutality. As a master Markus was just about my ideal, loyal and fair but never relaxing his authority for a second. Unlike mos... moret slave stories I've read, the moments of sentimentality do not end up totally overshadowing the discipline. And a big hurray for that. Much as I liked the story, I found the writing itself rough--the syntax was often convoluted and not always under the author's control, and the diction was needlessly elevated (eg. trepidatious instead of afraid). I found myself yearning for one of those dominatrix editors who could impose a little discipline at the sentence level, especially since the rest worked so well. Bottom line: rough writing aside, the author knows how to tell an intense, imaginative, and hot slave story that avoids most of the pitfalls of the genre to create a satisfying dynamic between the two leads.
review 2: I spent the majority of this book feeling incredibly depressed for Corin. It just seemed that he existed for the world to abuse. Poor bastard. I loved his spirt though and how no matter what was thrown at him he still retained that spark that kept him fighting. I really enjoyed the fierce love and loyalty he had for his sisters throughout this story. The chemistry between him and Marcus was very good. Marcus was definitely more of darkhorse here but the last chapter really highlighted his motivations which worked for me. This was a hard one for me to read mostly because I just felt so horrible for Corin for most of it. Ended well though and I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Interesting dystopian world with well developed characters and storyline. Go into this expecting lots of hurt/comfort/hurt and noncon sex with a smattering of BDSM. less
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Incredible story! I'll be expanding my Nikki McCoy books after reading this one. Excellent!
NTS: apparently not as dark as blurb makes believe.
This book was better than expected.
Amazing story. Review to follow (:
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