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Debt (2000)

by Nina G. Jones(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 6
review 1: This book was the sh*t!!! I couldn't put it down and I was just GOD, glued!! I wanted to hate Tax, but I didn't, couldn't. The whole premise, the way the story unfolds, you are holding your breathe the whole time. Thank God I had a good friend of mine holding my hand throughout the whole book. Mia and Tax together were like an explosive hot mess, but Jesus was it hot!! I was in a book funk for days after reading!!! This book isn't for everyone, but damn am I glad I found i!!! I can't wait to read more from Nina!
review 2: You kind of know how the story will play out when you start to read, I cringed knowing something bad was going to happen(and it was bad)I liked Tax he is redeemable but her...for me she came off as a very horney ***I don't care who has been fu
... more**ing me it fells to good for me to care**** and the blackmail Tax has on her I thought she would have been more angry but no...her body craves his to much...I did warm up to her towards the end...she likes her sex a little rough(nothing wrong with that)as Tax loves giving rough love:))Good writing and I would recommend to readers who like the dark side of love.. less
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I've never hated but loved someone so much as I do Tax! Wow...
oh boy coundnt be my life!!!! but dang if that wasn't hot!!!
omg.,,dark suspenseful and hot....loved it
Wow! Twisted but I loved it!
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