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The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln (2012)

by Noah Van Sciver(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
1606996193 (ISBN13: 9781606996195)
review 1: I really had no idea Lincoln suffered from depression and this graphic novel did an excellent job with the character of Lincoln, the people he lived with and his relationship with Mary Todd. She was also depressed but it was manifested in the form of migraines. I wanted this for the high school library but thought better when one of the first chapters deals with Lincoln being set up with a prostitute. The author was impressive in his rendering of Lincoln, his southern personality and respect for others, and delving into the depths of despair Lincoln sunk to; alarming many who came to his aid.
review 2: We get so wrapped up in Lincoln and his greatness as President that we tend to forget he was a man, first and foremost. And amazingly he was a man who suffered
... more from depression and extreme self-doubt. Yet he overcomes these obstacles to lead our nation through one of its most turbulent periods. This graphic novel does an excellent job of portraying the unsure Lincoln, the one who feels he should never marry, as he has nothing to offer a wife. It reminds us that he too was just a man. Highly recommended. less
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Only had 20ish pages left and it was due back at the library...don't actually care to finish it.
read comics in public day - honored!
Fast read. Sweet story.
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