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Primeira Guerra Mundial. Uma História Concisa (2000)

by Norman Stone(Favorite Author)
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review 1: After reading Guns of August, which only covered the first month of the war, I wanted more. I read about this book and thought it would give a good overview of the war, and I liked the year-by-year analysis. However, the author's too-frequent use of parentheticals chopped the story up, and often the little asides did not add much or assumed the reader knew more. Also, his too-frequent use of pronouns made me backtrack through paragraphs to figure out who Stone was talking about. As an example, on page 164, Stone is discussing the British Fifth Army and its bad luck commander, Gough, who midway through this page (and battle), loses control. More than a page passes with no mention of Gough; in fact we read about Ludendorff and Porsche for a bit. I assume Stone is refer... morering again to Gough on page 166 (top) when he says "the British infantry were at last well-served by their commander, who... accepted a French commander." Was this Gough? I had to go back two pages to double-check. For a book that is targeted as an overview, the audience must be assumed to NOT be experts on WWI.
review 2: World War One : A Short History by Norman Stone was a book I definately would reccomend to someone that wants to learn some backround information on World War I. In this book Norman Stone elaborates and presents the collapses of the four empires: Hapsburg, German,Tsarist, and The Ottoman Empire collapsed. He also challenges the current understandings of treaties that were created after the war by expanding and introducing them as failures. He also introduces the conflicts and European countries preperation for a main European War.After reading this book I feel like I can comprehend World War I and the events that occured during the war a lot better than before I started to read this book. World War One: A Short History, by Norman Stone was really a great book and I reccomend it to those that want to learn more of a backround about World War I and are intersted in the first World War. less
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Great book. As the title says, it is a short history of WW1. It needs more maps, though.
I wanted to get an overview of WWI but this was just too boring! Had to quit.
Slightly different twist on the events of WWI in this slim book.
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