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How God Became King: The Forgotten Story Of The Gospels (2012)

by N.T. Wright(Favorite Author)
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0061730572 (ISBN13: 9780061730573)
review 1: This is an excellent book by a great theologian and Christian.The book bridges the gap between how different reductionists (particularly in the Evangelical Western church) see the Gospel of Christ as either a "salvation (or cross) gospel" or a "social (or kingdom) gospel".Wright sees that both extremes have highlighted specific parts of Scripture rather than others. The "salvation gospel" highlighting the death and resurrection of Christ while ignoring the stuff in between (especially with the focus on the creeds not as reactions to heresies but as encompassing the whole of Christianity), and the "social gospel" ignoring the salvific nature of Christ's cross and resurrection.Wright gives further critique to the way the gospels have been read, particularly as books to prove... more the divinity of Christ, that which he affirms, but simply says that this was not the primary intention of the gospel writers... he says that the gospel writers were telling the story of how God became King not only through the cross and resurrection, but throughout the whole story, something that would be very clear to a 1st century Jew.The book is rather accessible compared to Wright's academic writings, and is also really enjoyable.Great book. A must read.
review 2: Very good book. It challenged me to look at the Gospels with fresh eyes and served as a welcome corrective to the tendency to just look at the Gospels as the appetizer to Epistles main course. Highly recommended. It is worth mentioning that Wright this book builds on several Wright's other books. It is not necessary to have read them but I think that if you come to this book having read a bit of Wright's earlier works you will appreciate it even more. less
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Vintage Wright - well written, thoroughly biblical with a great love for Jesus and the church
Dense. Working through. Have set it aside for a time as I read other books.
Typically over-stated, but helpful and corrective
I couldn't even finish it.
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