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Embarrassing True Stories (2014)

by Oliver Gaspirtz(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 1
0692208143 (ISBN13: 9780692208144)
Westhoff Publishing
review 1: First of all thank to Oliver Gaspirtz for giving me free digital copy of this bookthis book is so funny and comical some of the story happened to me before but when ever i remember it i just smile and laugh.my sister think am crazy because am laughing while i read this book...yes all of us had embarrassing moment but what can we do?"just smile and laugh" and "get over it"
review 2: i received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. While quite a few of the stories were indeed embarrassing and true and somewhat funny, most came across awkward because there were so many people from different walks of life who were telling these stories. What I enjoyed the most were the cartoons the author drew to appear throughout the book.The stories rea
... mored as first-person perspectives from people who seem to have submitted their stories to the author or perhaps the author had compiled them somehow to fit the theme and title of the book. So you can imagine that the quality of the stories vary, and that's how the stars got knocked down.In terms of writing, you'll come across illustrious experiences from verbose people. Yet, you'll also come across taciturn people who tell a story with only four sentences. For example, someone showed up at a corporate meeting, had no idea what people were talking about, but remembered that the donuts were good. That was the four-sentence story.Because I have a soft spot for author-illustrators, the cartoons rescued the stars for this book. Also, while some stories can be ultra-short and left to the readers' imaginations (and therefore knocked down the stars for prose appreciators), the saving grace of these tales is that the people are speaking in their own voices. This book is definitely not a literary masterpiece. Expect prose that is more akin to that you find in a comic strip with some stories that appear more wordy than others in Reader's Digest style. It wouldn't have hurt as well for the stories to be categorized somehow so that there's more cohesiveness to the book.Truly, the stories run the gamut. You definitely hear from a wide range of people--from people who are in jail or arrested to people who work in radio or corporations. There are also stories about family, friends, neighbors, mothers (and daughters), and of course significant others.So if you're interested in having some coffee table laughs, this book may be the perfect thing to jump start conversations with guests who are 18 and older. less
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Super funny! Sure to put anyone in a good mood with the quick laugh out loud stories!
Hilarious book...very relatable. Just love the fact that these are real stories.
A great book to read when you need a laugh! Why are others misfortunes so funny?
Good book to read for a little humor in your life. :)I laughed quite a bit.
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