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Falling Star (2011)

by Olivia Brynn(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Well what the heck?? I'm reading, enjoying the story and then suddenly I'm on the About the Author page. Where did the end go?? Is there more coming, or is that really it? Really disappointing when the story was good. There were a few flaws to the book that you had to ask where the heck did that come from, but overall a decent read, but because of that ending, there is no way to rate it higher than 3 stars.
review 2: Falling Star by Olivia BrynnThis was a good romantic story with some hot and steamy scenes but not in my opinion erotica. It was well written and the story moved well through all 10 chapters.Haven’t we all wondered at one time or another, what we would do if we ran across a rich and famous star in our daily lives. How would we react? Sque
... moreal and jump up and down? Ask for an autograph? A date? To father your first born? None of the above?Jade is the owner of a flower shop and a down to earth girl. A little out of touch with the glitzy stars so it’s no wonder she doesn’t recognize Adam…well from Adam.Adam is the country music superstar who’s been in the tabloids a bit too much but he’s determined to clean up his act. Adam’s chance encounter with Jade and her not recognizing him gives him the opportunity to really shine. No past to show Adam in a bad light and he’s loving it but he’s going to have to come clean at some point because he’s falling for her. The length’s he goes to appear the average guy is really funny and endearing.I will be looking at more of Ms. Brynn’s stories. Favorite…Four types of Country Songs.1. Lovin’2. Livin’3. Leavin’4. Cryin’ less
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Sweet short story, some steamy scenes, famous singer - ordinary girl
Very fluffy and quick read since it is a short story
I really enjoyed this one, but much much too short!
Cute love story!
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