The Immortal Rules

BooksInNeed with a book that changed my perception of living and dying.

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Allison Sekemoto lives in a world of vampires. Of course, in the regular book it would be that the main character is human, they find out that the person they’re in love with is a vampire, and then they get married and they turn into a vampire also (TWILIGHT). The end. This is more of a Hunger Games type of book. The vampires ruled the area she lived in, the Fringe the outermost area of a walled in city. There, the bloodsuckers have a system of marked and unmarked. If you are marked then you have your blood taken by the vampires and you are fed well and live until you die, except you have to go through the torture of your blood getting taken. Really, being like blood cattle to the bloodsuckers? Personally, I would be an unmarked, living in the Fringe with a group of others as shelter. The only thing is that unmarked are not fed. Literally, they don’t get food and have to live off things they find on the street. Between human and vampire, there is one thing more powerful. The rabids. When a vampire sucks too much blood out of anything living, they pass a point where they go insane and turn into a rabid. A rabid is more powerful than vampires and humans. Allison is a human, but when she finds a secret stash of food that wasn’t supposed to be in the Fringe in the sewers, she gets her group with her and goes to claim her treasure and live off of it. They run into some rabids, and the group leader, Lucas, dies. Left with the other two people of the group, she tells her best friend Stick to leave her and escape while she holds the rabids off. Allison almost dies, but then sees a vampire she saw the day she found the food stash, who let her go after feeding of rabids. He offers her a deal – she could die, or she could be turned into the thing she despises. Allison chose to be an immortal, and with that she turned into a vampire. Her creator, Kanin, teaches her how to survive and use her weapon. When a accident happens, Stick tells the prince of vampires, Sarren, that there is a vampire in the hospital, and Kanin and Allison are forced to leave, before Kanin finishes his work on trying to stop the rabids as the creator of them. Allison and Kanin are separated after that, Kanin staying behind and Allison moving on to finish his work. Allison finds a ‘ragged group of pilgrims’ that are looking for Eden, the legend of there being land without any vampires and rabids inhabiting it and having the cure for them. She tags along, only to find that she is falling for the second in command human, Zeke. Will Allison survive the dangerous trip to Eden and pass off as a human, or will she fail Kanin and the whole reason she was created?

Will she really do anything to survive?

Thanks to Julie Kagawa, who showed me that we all could survive in the end, and we would stop at no limits to do so.

 ‘”And I declared that the dead, who have already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive. But better than both…is the one who has never been born, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun.

– The Immortal Rules, Julie Kagawa

So, award worthy? I also think that this book is a movie now, I have no idea.

– BooksInNeed

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