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Creatures Here Below (2011)

by Oscar H. Bennett(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
1932841628 (ISBN13: 9781932841626)
Agate Bolden
review 1: This book was a kindle freebie a while back, and the title at first made me think of a horror novel, but i guess it's actually from a hymn. However, it's the story of a group of people who live in a boarding house, and even though they are not all related to each other, how they become like family. The tale is told in third person, but the chapters focus on different characters. There are parts that were pretty depressing, but I think that there's hope at the end.
review 2: "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below." That reference may be lost on people who don't spend much time in church, particularly of the Methodist variety.I really wanted to love this book. When the publisher offered a free Kindle special for a few days
... more in February, I jumped on it, but didn't get around to reading it until last week. I liked the writing, but I can't love a book if I can't connect with any of the characters. The story is about the residents of a boarding house, all but one of whom live a depressing existence, living in the past, angry almost psychotic, hopeless, demented and delusional. Not even the baby shows signs of happiness. I was ready to give up at about half-way through the story, and then changes started to occur in their lives. I began to see a reason to turn the page, and there was hope for something better in their lives. First one person brought a new sense of hope, then another, and so on, until I stopped expecting a disastrous outcome. less
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pretty good book. story line was official, and the characters were amazing. most def a good read.
Overall, it was an interesting read...kept my attention. Didn't like the ending.
Good writer.
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