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Chavs: The Demonization Of The Working Class (2011)

by Owen Jones(Favorite Author)
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184467696X (ISBN13: 9781844676965)
review 1: Even when not living in Britain the book is very instructive (but maybe a 100 pages to long, you can easily skip a lot of examples). Just fascinating to see that in Belgium nowadays there a some politicians who just seem to copy the Thatcher-strategy, using the same quotes ('There is no alternative", demonizing the unions). To see the socialist party made the same treason to their ideology like Tony Blair. To see the general public has the same lack of criticism and just believes what the powerfull politicians tell them to believe. Don't we ever learn something from history ?
review 2: what can I say about this diatribe of a book, I read it despite being one of those evil conservatives or should I say Tories? Judging from the cover of the book, this book ha
... mores pandered to the liberals and in some ways the extreme left. its hardly a rallying cry. I'm fortunate to have actually stood for election in what can be described as one huge council estate in Hull. Bransholme East is where is stood and its nothing like the depictions made in the book. Maybe Owen wants to patronise the working class to his guardian reading chums in London? The book is just a book to bash for the sake of bashing. less
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Good arguments and well explained but could have been explained in fewer words.
An eye opening book that I think everybody in Britain should read.
it made me sad because I now it will end in tears
Well, zero to be honest.
Good book. Well written.
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