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A Hidden Affair. By Pam Jenoff (2011)

by Pam Jenoff(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
0751543624 (ISBN13: 9780751543629)
Jordan Weiss
review 1: Pam Jenoff continues Jordan's Weiss' story from her first novel, THE OFFICER'S LOVER. As she says in her acknowledgement, her first novel is about Jordan coming to terms with her past, A HIDDEN AFFAIR is where she meets Aaron, and is the other half of the story, the future.I enjoy Jenoff's descriptive style of writing and the locations where she set this fast-paced novel. It's a well crafted romantic suspense. I didn't guess who the villain was and neither could I predict the ending.Ten years have passed. After Jordan Weiss finds out from a friend who initially betrayed her that Jared is alive, she resigns from her State department job and heads to Europe to search for him in the last place he has been seen. She believed their relationship was special, that nothing could... more ever come between them, but Jared has lied to her and left her believing him dead. Jordan is compelled to find out the truth, unsure how she'll feel when she finally catches up with her former lover. Even the handsome Israeli Aaron, who seeks Nicole, Jordan's only connection to Jared, doesn't sway her from her quest. Strongly attracted, she and Aaron join forces with danger lurking at every turn, but they aren't always truthful with each other. Who is Aaron really, and what does he really want with Nicole? Jordan's not sure if he's a friend or working against her until almost the end.This is not as edgy as an on-the-edge-of-your-seat spy novel, nor is it quite as chilling as Nicci French can be. But there are some exciting moments. I loved the romance and there are nice historical touches which ground the story and create an intriguing mystery.I can recommend this for a rainy day read. It was raining buckets here on a Sunday afternoon as I keenly scanned the final pages.A satisfying read. I look forward to reading more of Jenoff's books.
review 2: I just recently finished reading “A Hidden Affair” by Pam Jenoff and, all in all, it’s a great book. In fact, when I finished reading it I turned around and read it again.The premise of “A Hidden Affair” is this: A decade ago Jordan Weiss’s life was irrevocably shattered when her college boyfriend, and love of her life, drowned in the River Cam. After graduating from college; Jordan attempted to put the pieces of her life back together and accepted a job with the State Department.Years later, and quite by accident, Jordan discovers that she was betrayed by those closest to her. Jared is not dead; he is in fact alive and well and living somewhere in Europe. Having never really been able to completely rid herself of Jared’s ghost Jordan is overwhelmed by this staggering news. She immediately resigns her commission and travels over two thousand miles to the French Riviera in search of answers. Once there Jordan runs into a mysterious and secretive woman named Nicole who might actually know Jared but, when questioned about his whereabouts, she quickly hightails it out of the country.During her seemingly wild goose chase Jordan realizes that she is not alone in her search. A handsome and charming Israeli man named Aaron is also looking for Nicole, and while Jordan doesn't trust him, she does realize that she needs to work with him if she ever hopes to see Jared again. Unfortunately Jordan finds herself fighting an almost immediate attraction to him which has her questioning the strength of her feelings for Jared. Ten years after Jared’s supposed death, and so close to finding him, is she finally capable of letting him go?I’m not going to give away any more of the story but if you enjoy reading a fast-paced and interesting fictional novel then “A Hidden Affair” would be a great book to pick up. Jenoff has a wonderful writing style; the characters found within the pages of “A Hidden Affair” are completely believable and the plot flows seamlessly from page to page, chapter to chapter and (within the book) country to country.Definitely a five star read...(Reviewed in association with Rebecca's Reads). less
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Not as good as the first book in the series but fast paced and difficult to put down.
Sakums parak sasteigts un, ka jau trileru kjedite, atruna iepriekshejo vesturi.
I wanted to like this book, but it was just ok.
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